[Mailman-Users] Commercial hosting for Mailman lists?

Michael Stevens mstevens at imaginet.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 16:24:10 CEST 1999

On Fri, Oct 01, 1999 at 06:39:59AM +0100, Brian Mulvaney wrote:
> I moderate a reasonably active discussion list with about 1,000 subscribers
> (currently on Post.Office).  I would like to move my list to Mailman,
> however, I'm not really set up to run it in house.  Is anyone aware of any
> ISPs that host Mailman on a commercial basis?
> P.S.  If I were to run Mailman in house (literally in my house) I'd have to
> contend with a line speed of 128k to the net.  I'm wondering if this would
> pose a troublesome bottleneck and would love feedback from anyone running
> Mailman across 128k ISDN.

I'm using mailman for hosting of a few very small lists over a similar
line and have not yet hit any problems. I don't think it's very
mailman specific -- if you can send that volume of mail in the normal
way via the line, you can with mailman, and vice versa, as far as I'm aware.

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