[Mailman-Users] still want to know about Y2K compliance

Tomas Fasth tomas at euronetics.se
Sat Oct 2 20:05:52 CEST 1999

"Joshua S. Freeman" wrote:
> I need to have some kind of 'cert' that mailman is y2k compliant.  I didn't
> find anything on the mailman website.
> If I can't provide this, I'm afraid I won't be allowed to 'keep' it by our
> new IT director.

Excuse me, but your IT director is not thinking straight, IMHO. How
would he expect to get any kind of y2k statement or "certification"
(sic) from individuals who are volunteering their free time to a
common cause, in this case open source software? If he (or rather
your employer) was prepared to PAY somebody for issuing such a
statement, now that would be a whole different thing. But he can not
expect get THAT for free.

I run quite a few machines loaded with free software. Y2k is only
months away. I'm not a bit worried. I even don't spend time thinking
about it as a problem. Am I plain stupid or am I just more confident
with open source than proprietary code?


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