[Mailman-Users] Commercial hosting for Mailman lists?

David Gilbert dgilbert at velocet.ca
Sun Oct 3 02:17:06 CEST 1999

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Mulvaney <brianm at rain.com> writes:

Brian> I moderate a reasonably active discussion list with about 1,000
Brian> subscribers (currently on Post.Office).  I would like to move
Brian> my list to Mailman, however, I'm not really set up to run it in
Brian> house.  Is anyone aware of any ISPs that host Mailman on a
Brian> commercial basis?

Velocet offers mailman services --- contact me if you're interested.

Brian> P.S.  If I were to run Mailman in house (literally in my house)
Brian> I'd have to contend with a line speed of 128k to the net.  I'm
Brian> wondering if this would pose a troublesome bottleneck and would
Brian> love feedback from anyone running Mailman across 128k ISDN.

I would expect that you simply need to know the bandwidth required by
your list.  If an average message is 25K (say) and you have 1000
subscribers, then each message consumes 25M of bandwidth.  A 128K line 
has about 1M per minute of "perfect" bandwidth, so in ideal conditions 
each message to the list would take 1/2 hour of your ISDN to serve.

In reality, SMTP is not that efficient, and I'd expect that 1 hour is
good fishing.


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