[Mailman-Users] Mail archives threads are getting mixed up

Casey Ajalat casey at ajalat.org
Sun Oct 3 13:16:14 CEST 1999

More info,

I followed the FAQ for editing messages and rebuilding the
archives/private/listname directory but to no avail.  The directory still
gets built but the messages are not threaded properly.  i.e. new messages
are made as part of the thread for another message topic.

I looked at the archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox file and the
messages do appear to be ok.  i.e. the subject lines are formatted

Any ideas what makes this happen?  Anyone experiencing the same thing?


On Sat, 2 Oct 1999, Casey Ajalat wrote:

> I've recently setup mailman for the first time and the install went
> flawlessly.  However, after starting a few mailing lists I noticed that
> some of the mail in the archive is getting mixed up under different
> threads.  i.e. If two messages each with a different topic were sent and
> others had to reply to either of those then in the archives I would see
> something like this when sorting by threads:
>     * SUBJECT B
> Furthermore, clicking on each of the messages above (3rd line for example)
> reveals the content of the second line (the line above it).  This all
> started to happen when I approved two postings at the same time on a
> moderated list.  I don't see this behavior on the non-moderated lists.
> Second question:  Is there a way I can wipe the archived HTMLs and then
> have the system rebuild them?  i.e. can I just delete the files:
> archives/private/tb/1999-October/author.html
> archives/private/tb/1999-October/date.html
> archives/private/tb/1999-October/subject.html
> archives/private/tb/1999-October/thread.html
> archives/private/tb/1999-October/index.html
> and have the system rebuild them?  Other ideas???
> Casey
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