[Mailman-Users] TrySMTP Delivery Failures

M. Drew Streib dtype at linux.com
Mon Oct 4 23:30:33 CEST 1999

On a known working mail server, mailman continues to log the following
errors on every post:

Oct 04 14:24:43 1999 TrySMTPDelivery: To ['dtype at valinux.com']:
Oct 04 14:24:43 1999 TrySMTPDelivery: 	 socket.error  / host not found
Oct 04 14:24:43 1999 TrySMTPDelivery:  Maybe your MTA daemon needs

Posts are archived, but never sent properly. I've spent awhile trying to
figure out this one, to no avail.

Any help?

Drew Streib <streib at li.org> 408.542.5725

System Administrator, Linux International <dtype at li.org>
Information Architect, VA Linux Systems <dtype at valinux.com>
Senior Developer, Cold Storage <dtype at coldstorage.org>
Admirer, Occasional Programmer, Linux.com <dtype at linux.com>
Founder, Shok Media <dtype at shok.com>

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