[Mailman-Users] Reason for Implicit Destination

Jun Ye jye at helios.physics.utoronto.ca
Tue Oct 5 04:46:23 CEST 1999


Me again. I THINK Ive found the reason for "Implicit destination"
now. But I don't know a good way to solve the problem.

I did some tests and found:
When a list contains sub-lists,
it always asks the owner (of the list) for approval to
deliver it to the list. And, it asks for approval to deliver
to EACH sub-list. So one post may require the owner(s) to
approve many times at different levels.
That is a real pain !

Hope some experts can tell me how to get arround.
Thanks !!!!


Jun Ye wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed Mailman several days ago.
> However, almost every post requires my "approval".
> Pain !
> Look at this:
> Your authorization is required for a mailing list posting request
> approval:
>     List:         (list name)
>     Reason held:  Implicit destination
> All entries in the list are valid and complete email address.
> Don't know what's implicit.
> Any one can offer quick advice how to fix it ?
> I want to say thank you to those people who answered my previous
> question about how to deal with lost password. It helped a lot.
> Jun
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