[Mailman-Users] Timeout when adding new Email addresses

Robert Robert at grapevine2.com
Tue Oct 5 13:51:00 CEST 1999


I would like to know if there is a turnaround to deal with the timeout 
error message after I added few new Email addresses to the 30,000 Email 
addresses Mailing Management text box.

Even the timeout error message box appears on front of 
admin.cgi/mailinglist/members web page, the Email addresses are added to 
the mailing list. What's going on??

I have other mailing lists - 1000-3000 email addresses per mailing list, 
which works fine without any  errors. But, not this large 30,000 Email 

Tech Info: This server has 160Mb RAM, 25Gb HD, AMD 350MHz CPU & 1Mb L2 
cache with 240Mb swap space running on RedHat Linux 6.0 version. The 30,000 
Email addresses with 25K text type per message would be processed 
completely by Mailman in 40 minutes. I am planning to upgrade this 
CPU/motherboard to use Athlon 500MHz CPU to cut the processing time into 
half or better.

Any ideas on what's wrong with the timeout problems? We are adding roughly 
300-400 new Email addresses every week, and would like to know if this 
Mailman is safe to handle larger mailing list (100,000 or more?).



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