[Mailman-Users] Some subscribers receiving multiple copies

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at vdata.co.uk
Tue Oct 5 18:50:08 CEST 1999

I previously wrote:-
> will at connectcorp.net said:
> > Some of our subscribers are reporting receiving 2, 3, or even 4 copies
> > of each post. 
> I've seen very occasional examples of this on our list running mailman 
> 1.0.  The headers show that the duplication is occurring at the point 
> where mailman injects the message into the MTA for delivery to the list 
> subscribers.


> The injects were spread over a 5 or so minute period, with the last 2 
> (duplicated) injects done 2.5 minutes apart.  The machine would have 
> been quite heavily loaded around that time - there was a message still 
> in the process of injection by mailman when the second arrived and a 
> few messages in the mailq.

It appears this happens at times of high load and/or when the DNS is 
not very available.  Suspicions are that mailman is retrying a 
submission that it thinks is timing out.

In an attempt to work round this I have stopped exim doing receipient 
address verification on the fly for incoming messages from mailman (the 
config line is
	receiver_verify_hosts = !

This, so far (one day), appears to have fixed the problem.  However its 
early days yet.

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