[Mailman-Users] Some subscribers receiving multiple copies

Will Leaver will at connectcorp.net
Tue Oct 5 19:02:38 CEST 1999

Thanks to all for the various replies. We checked for only one copy of
Sendmail running, which is true.
We also checked the logs, and, as you say, there was no indication of
trouble. We adjusted run_queue and cron to process the queue every five
minutes. This seems to have improved the situation, but not solved it

Every day we get a few complaints of multiple copies. The list is 30K subs.
One person send both copies and they were about a half hour apart, which
baffles me completely. One clue - at that time run_queue was running every
half hour, and the queue was heavily loaded.

We are using a machine that only runs mailman for us, Linux version
something very recent, Mailman 1.0.

Any further suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Will Leaver

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will at connectcorp.net said:
> Some of our subscribers are reporting receiving 2, 3, or even 4 copies
> of each post.

I've seen very occasional examples of this on our list running mailman
1.0.  The headers show that the duplication is occurring at the point
where mailman injects the message into the MTA for delivery to the list

I've just checked yesterdays logs and found one message that did this.
In this case the final mail injection was duplicated - ie mailman
injected the message 5 times to a different set of subscribers, and
then injected it twice with the same recipient list each time.

There is no indication of problems in the mailman logs.

The injects were spread over a 5 or so minute period, with the last 2
(duplicated) injects done 2.5 minutes apart.  The machine would have
been quite heavily loaded around that time - there was a message still
in the process of injection by mailman when the second arrived and a
few messages in the mailq.

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