[Mailman-Users] Commercial hosting for Mailman lists?

David Gilbert dgilbert at velocet.ca
Wed Oct 6 15:57:36 CEST 1999

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Stevens <mstevens at imaginet.co.uk> writes:

Michael> Interesting. I thought relaying via your ISP's mail host was
Michael> practically compulsory for dialup accounts. I even know of
Michael> ISPs for which I think that's the only way to send
Michael> email. Does anyone know if this is a realistic view of the
Michael> world, or am I sadly deluded by happening to have encountered
Michael> a few unusual ISPs?

There are two answers here.  In some cases, ISPs will block you from
sending on port 25 to stop spammers from using their accounts.  ISPs
with free first months are common in this group.  Other people
subscribe to the DUL (dialup users lists) which allows them to filter
out mail from dial-up users that don't forward through their ISP mail

In general, if you can get yourself a static IP, you can probably send 
out your own mail, otherwise not.


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