[Mailman-Users] CVS commits to Mailman lists

James Aylett dj-mailman at insigma.com
Wed Oct 6 19:18:41 CEST 1999

Hi - I'm currently trying to set things up so a script (basically the script
that GNOME uses, originally from the OpenBSD project) emails CVS commit
information to a list specifically for that purpose. I don't want anyone
else to be able to mail the list (except the admin, but they know not to

The trouble is, the CVS script isn't trusted, so it can't set From: in its
messages, and any Sender: it tries to set is stripped. Without making the
script open an SMTP connection to the local mailer (which is thoroughly
evil), I can't think of an easy solution to this without hacking Mailman to
recognise something specific associated with the messages, which is probably
more evil than the script talking raw SMTP.

The only other idea I have is to have a hidden list in front of each commit
list, making that an open list which rewrites From: to be allowed to post to
the main list. Even then, I have a feeling something won't work perfectly -
in particular, we want From: set to the publicly-known commit list, and
Reply-to set to an admin address (or possibly, in the future, a discussion
list). I think that last would require adding arbitrary headers at the list
configuration level, which as I understand it hasn't been done yet.

Anyone got any good ideas on doing this?


  James Aylett                                           www.zap.uk.eu.org
  james at tartarus.org                                    www.footlights.org

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