[Mailman-Users] Mailman "Administrators"...

Dave Stites dstites at freemason.org
Tue Oct 12 00:02:49 CEST 1999


Thanks for the "heads up" on this one!

Have been evaluating Mailman somewhat casually over the past few weeks and 
monitoring this list closely.

One of my potential "List Masters", (read Mailman administrators), is 
absolutely guaranteed to do this very kind of thing, (if able to do 
so).  Recent history says "Mikie will play with anything you make available 
to him".

The delegation of list administrators is a very important piece of 
functionality, but I have to agree he/she/they shouldn't have the 
capability to modify/set the "Base URL".

Will now put a weather eye on what "other" damage "Mikie" could/would 
potentially do as a Mailman administrator for a single mailing list.

Warm Regards,

At 08:59 PM 10/11/1999 +0200, Per Starback wrote:

>So what should the lesson be?  I'm not sure, but it is nice if Mailman
>can support clueless list administrators (as long as the main Mailman
>administrator has a clue) so I don't think the right answer is just
>"so don't do that!".
>Probably it shouldn't be allowed to set "Base URL" to any string.
>I suggest instead that the Mailman administrator should be able to set
>what basenames should be possible, and the list administrators only
>can chose from those values. (Most sites would only have one possible
>value, and then that section could preferrably be deleted from the
>list admin pages.)

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