[Mailman-Users] Rejecting fails

Jeffrey Haas jeff at life.uiuc.edu
Tue Oct 12 19:46:44 CEST 1999

Hi - 

I've run across an odd problem with one list on a system running
Mailman 1.0.  For this one list, if I choose to reject a message from
the administrative requests page, the rejection notificaiton never gets
sent.  For other lists on the same server, this works fine.

The rejection is logged in ~mailman/logs/vette, but there is no
indication that mailman has tried to pass the message on to sendmail. 
Nothing appears in the sendmail log.

We're suspecting that perhaps the database has become corrupted for
this list.  Any suggestions for tracking this down or for recovering
the database if it is corrupted?

Thanks for any help.

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