[Mailman-Users] Re: htdig

Bek Oberin gossamer at tertius.net.au
Thu Oct 14 11:11:32 CEST 1999

Gergely Madarasz wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Bek Oberin wrote:
> > How can I set up a search engine like htdig that uses the regular
> > mailman (email+password) security?
> use the local_urls option of htdig

Can somebody give me an actual example of this?  I've been poking
around and come up with this:

start_url:              http://netizen.com.au/mailman/private/
local_urls: http://netizen.com.au/mailman/private/=/var/lib/mailman/archives/private/

But it's still only seeing the auth page.


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