[Mailman-Users] Virtual Hosting

Nicholas Brenckle nicholas.brenckle at yale.edu
Mon Oct 18 18:16:45 CEST 1999

A few questions about virtual hosting. Is anyone else doing this? Im not
doing anything complicated, Im not even hosting a different domain, Im
simply aliasing the machinename lists.blah.com to net233-220.blah.com
Now, I have virutal hosting (I think) set up correctly in Apache. I can
view "/listinfo" and it will display only those lists that i have set
the preferred URL to the alias. Works great no?

No. When I go to edit the list with the admin pages, it asks for my pw
on every page reload and ignores my changes.

Can someone post their Apache config entry for the virtual hosting
section? Or are people only aliasing the MX records and things, NOT the
web interface?

Nicholas Brenckle                   Yale University School of Medicine
nicholas.brenckle at yale.edu                     ITS Med - PO Box 208089
203-737-2377                                  New Haven, CT 06520-8089

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