[Mailman-Users] fully qualified domain name

Paolo pumilia at est.it
Thu Oct 21 15:48:50 CEST 1999

Received from Christopher Lindsey, On Thu Oct 21 at  1:59:
 .>  .Mail sent to user1 from another user on the same host are promptly received
 .>  .whether using the address  user1  or  user1 at dom.org   or  user1 at hname.dom.org
 .>  .
 .> What i would like to figure out is how did the host name 'hname' enter the address. 
 .> I have always used 'user1 at dom.org' in configuration files (alias, ect.); 
 .I don't think that this is a problem with Mailman.  The best way
 .to test this is by sending mail to the fully-qualified address
 .and seeing if it changes in the To: header.  If it stays the way
 .that you typed it, then you're just dealing with a simple case of
 .RFC 822 compliance.

The address stays as the sender typed it. What does RFC 822 compliance imply?

 .If you're using a different MTA, tough noogies.  I haven't played
 .with them enough to know how to deal with this.  :)

Smail is the MTA on the site Mailman should be running.
Sysdamin told me that relaying restrictions have been very strictly set after
a dangerous attack by unknown intruders. 

Anybody found himself in a simillar situation?


Paolo Pumilia
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