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Judge, Jack JJudge at kenan.com
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Many thanks for that, forgive me if these questions seem basic but I
couldn't find answers in any FAQ or online resource.
Next question, how do I go about setting up "umbrella lists" ? 
Assume I can set up a list, parent1, with two other lists, child1 and child2
as members. Now I have a regular subscriber who is a member of child1 and
child2. How can I stop him receiving duplicates of all messages sent to
parent1 ?
Thanks In Advance,

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I've just started playing with MM and I've a couple of questions. 

First of all, where is the URL for the overall server administrator ? 

Is none.  Only two things a server admin really does is create lists, and
delete them.
Which use use the command line for for now.

I can find the pages for the individual list admins easily enough, but not
one for the overall server administrator. As the server admin, how do I
administer a list (or even remove one) if the list owner isn't available ?

Removal is command line.  To administer a list, just go to that lists page,
and use
your site password (which you set with mmsitepass) instead of any other
and you'll "trump" their password and get your way.  Works on user pages

Is editing the mm_cfg.py file the only way of setting server policies ? 
And I suppose any policy changes I make wouldn't be retroactive and affect
any previously created lists ? 

Those aren't policies so much as defaults; new lists are created that way
for the most part;
old lists aren't affected, because they're settings are done at their
individual setting pages.. 

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