[Mailman-Users] Mailman on Mac OS X (BSD-ish)

Thomas Esamie Thomas.Esamie at uts.EDU.AU
Fri Oct 22 08:21:42 CEST 1999


I have taken it upon myself to attempt installing mailman on Macintosh OS X Server.

I got Python (1.5.2) and installed that without any apparent problems and then followed the steps to install mailman (1.0). I then tried to run ./configure and it failed because it could not find the "mailman" user account.

It (the account) _is_ there, I can see it and I created it. (I even deleted and recreated it, you never know) However the configure script conks out on me every time. I wonder whether any of you have had similar/same problems and could furnish me with possible solutions. I would certainly appreciate it.

Perhaps even a checklist of things I might not be doing right (I'm by no means a UNIX guru and it's by no means out of the question that I've goofed) if there exists such a thing would be handy.


PS. Or of course mailman doesn't run on OSX at all... :-(

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