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The following stupid bounce message isn't getting picked up
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 Subject: Re: [Perl-AI] Re: Burke's Ambiguity Conjecture (was Re: parsing NLs, and
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 > I've never noticed a case of a language extending its /syntax/ to embrace
 > new concepts -- and certainly not in the direction of a syntactic ambiguity.
 > Certainly it's not the general way to do so -- lexical and idiomatic
 > innovation seems the main (and possibly only) way that languages do that.
 Hm.  You  might have a point here, but then again, you might not.
 I'm not convinced that examples of syntactic innovation cannot
 be found.  I can't think of any, but that doesn't mean they
 are not there, waiting to be found.  Manifestly, language syntax 
 does change with time. 
 > And I don't see how /syntactic/ ambiguity gives languages their richness
 > or makes them less boring.
 Well, I'm not sure anyone said that, specifically... I just think
 that ambiguity per se should not necessarily be construed
 as some kind of error or obstacle.  I personally am not distinguishing
 cleanly between syntax and semantics, and I think that this 
 is an apprpriate point of view.  (But I am naive and ill-informed,
 so you can ignore me.)
 Ambiguity makes things hard to parse, but I don't care,
 because I'm not writing a parser.  :)  
 Take the following example:
    1) Happy dog, dog fast.
    2) Dog run run run!
    3) Happy fish, fish fast.
    4) Fish swim swim swim!

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