[Mailman-Users] PMDF

Rolf Hauri Rolf.Hauri at adm.unige.ch
Wed Oct 27 09:12:23 CEST 1999

I'm installing Mailman on a system running PMDF V5.2-31.

I followed the instructions about how to configure the pipe-channel, the
aliases and pipe.option file, (trying with "< %s" , with "%s .. at the
end of the line) but

    Its seems that:
    Or the pipe send to wrapper only the file name in which are written
the mail sent.
    Or the mail but not the "Mailman" command..

Have I to pass through a script ?

Thanks for any help !

Rolf Hauri

University of Geneva
Rolf.Hauri at adm.unige.ch

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