[Mailman-Users] Mailman user management question

Richard Ellerbrock richarde at eskom.co.za
Wed Oct 27 13:13:12 CEST 1999

I have also asked for this feature - very long ago. The situation that I have is that I do not want people from external to our company being able to mail or subscribe to any of our internal mailing lists. I am now forced to add rules to our mail spools to block mail from external sites reaching our mailing lists. 

There is a way to hold posts to a list, but I want to block a list completely if the sender does not match a certain regex, including subscription requests.

Richard Ellerbrock
richarde at eskom.co.za

>>> Israel Bravo <bravo at ie.technion.ac.il> 1999/10/27 12:31:23 >>>

	Thank you for the fine mailing list manager, but I'd like to
suggest you to include one additional option to the Membership Management:
to let/not to let the user send messages to the list. The problem is that
there are some lists where only some persons must be able to send

	May be it is possible now, but I can't find how to realize this
possibility in Mailman v.1.0  

	Thank you for advance,

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