[Mailman-Users] Search archives

Jerry Adlersfluegel jerrya at fastrans.net
Sat Oct 30 17:35:48 CEST 1999

On Sat, 30 Oct 1999, John A. Martin wrote:

> Is it possible to hook up a way to search mailman archives for
> keywords or strings in the messages?
> If so what is the preferred approach on a Red Hat Linux box (5.1 or
> later)?
> Is anyone on this list willing to share a recipe for doing the above?

I have a redhat 6.0 system, and I installed ht://dig. I have a private
archive, so I had to configure htdig to index the files on the filesystem
instead of digging through the web server. Finding out how to do this was
less than obvious in the documentation. (You should be able to find an rpm
of htdig somewhere if you don't want to compile it yourself.)

However, I cannot add the search widget to my archive index page. When I
go to the administration page to edit it, none of the changes take effect.
I have asked here and on -developers for help, with no response.

Good luck.

Jerry Adlersfluegel

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