[Mailman-Users] Mailman does not generate a high load on my machine

Fabricio Chalub chalub at actech.com.br
Wed Sep 1 00:44:26 CEST 1999

> >>>>> "FC" == Fabricio Chalub <chalub at actech.com.br> writes:
>     FC> I send a e-mail a while ago saying mailman was causing a huge
>     FC> load on my server.  That's not correct.  I found out that it
>     FC> was a problem in the 2.2.11 version of the linux kernel.  I'm
>     FC> with 2.2.12 now and its ok.
> Can you provide any more information?  Do you know what specifically
> about the 2.2.11 kernel was causing the problem?

Actually no. :(  What happened was that the machine would die out of memory.
Later I saw on Alan Cox's site that kernel 2.2.12 was out and it fixed a TCP
memory leak.  I upgraded and that was it. ;)

The problem was not even closely related to mailman. It *thought* it was
because I had just installed mailman on that week. :)



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