[Mailman-Users] Introduction

Listwrangler listwrangler at iximd.com
Wed Sep 1 19:39:22 CEST 1999

Hi, I just joined the Mailman-user email list so I thought I'd drop a line
and introduce myself. I'm Gary Bowen, aka Listwrangler, and I'm a volunteer
with a small non-profit organization that delivers a lot of information and
support via web pages and email lists. Our old ISP was in the process of
porting us from Majordomo 1.9.3 to Mailman 1.0 when they sold their assets
to a new ISP, who has implemented the lists. But, there are bugs...

We're having problems with subscribes and unsubscribes, specifically,
users' passwords don't work when they try to unsubscribe via the web
interface. And when users do get acknowledgements saying the succesfully
unsubscribed, they aren't. Also, the email interface doesn't work so that
when they try to email in their /unsubscription that doesn't work either.

I'd like to work on the web interface problems first. When I go to the info
page, enter their address, enter the admin password, and it says, "You have
been unsubscribed." But the user still gets email. I then went into the
'View Subscriber List' and found the unsubscribed email address on the
subscriber list, and deleted it from there, and got a "You have been
unsubscribed" message. I hope they really are unsubscribed.

My ISP has informed me that they've done all they intend to do, and that
it's now up to me to do the maintenance on the list. Personally, I wonder
how I'm supposed to do that when I don't have access to the machine running
the list... but that's a separate issue.

Anyhow, I'm digging into the archives, but I'd greatly appreciate it if
folks could point me to reference books or URLS regarding Mailman. Since
the switch is recent, I haven't bought any books and am wondering which
ones are good.

Gary Bowen

listwrangler at iximd.com

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