[Mailman-Users] How Do I Volunteer for a To Do list item?

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Thu Sep 2 21:25:20 CEST 1999

>>>>> "L" == Listwrangler  <listwrangler at iximd.com> writes:

    L> I'm a former professional author and editor who's currently in
    L> the process of switching careers to become an information
    L> technology specialist, so I'd be interested in helping to write
    L> the user, list owner, and site owner files.

    L> Whom should I contact in order to find out the status of these
    L> files?

We'd love it if you'd help out with the documentation (an admitted
weakness).  Currently this effort is being carried out on the
mailman-developers at python.org list.  For now I suggest you check those 
archives and subscribe to that list.

    L> One suggestion, Mailman should develop a set of moderator
    L> features (with documentation), so that routine list services
    L> can be handed off to their moderators, who have a moderator
    L> password that lets them do certain things but not others. This
    L> would enable the list administrator to NOT receive those pesky
    L> un/subscribe and other routine notices that the moderator
    L> handles.

Separating the moderator role from the list admin role is definitely
on our todo list.

    L> I've had ten years experience as a member of email lists, and
    L> have spent about five years administering Majordomo lists, and
    L> have recently been moved over to Mailman. I've come around to
    L> where I slightly prefer Mailman over Majordomo, but there are
    L> some Majordomo features that I miss. And lately, with all the
    L> broken Mailman software, my affection for Mailman is somewhat
    L> strained. Through all of this I've been wishing for a help
    L> file.  So, on the principle that if you want something done,
    L> you have to do it yourself, I'm volunteering.

Great!  We need volunteers to help out.  What MD features are you
particularly missing?  What is broken in MM for you?


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