[Mailman-Users] Several problems, including Membership Management page

Ron Jarrell jarrell at vt.edu
Fri Sep 3 08:37:23 CEST 1999

At 11:26 AM 9/2/99 -0400, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> >>>>> "L" == Listwrangler  <listwrangler at iximd.com> writes:
>     L> Problem #1, which I posted earlier: Some user passwords are not
>     L> working.
>     L> I spelunked the archives and found out that apparently the
>     L> reason why some of my users' passwords are failing is because
>     L> they mix up and lower case letters. According to the post I
>     L> found in the archives the fix is to upgrade to the latest
>     L> version of Mailman. I sent this information to my ISP. The
>     L> director of operations has informed me, "I am running the
>     L> latest version."

>1.0 is definitely the latest official release, but be sure they aren't
>running one of the 1.0 betas.  All the known bugs in mixed case
>address handling should have been fixed in 1.0b11 and existing
>databases should have been taken care of automatically.

Barry, I think this is more of a user bug than a mailman bug; or
perhaps a user interface design problem... Having (thanks to the begining
of the month letter going out) had 4 similar problems from users in the
last 24 hours, I think I can comment on this.  The problem, at least for
me, is the use of O's, L's, and I's in the passwords... In certain fonts
(including, it seems, the one Eudora wants to use by default, Arial,
which a lot of Windows machines use for Lots of things, you can
barely tell capital O and zero 0 apart.  And it's *impossible* to
tell capital I from lowercase L.  In a serif font Il are obviously different;
in Arial they're two sticks...

Perhaps if mailman avoided generating passwords with o's or i's, just
in case?

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