[Mailman-Users] E-mail address in archive document header

Grace, Terry tgrace at thestar.ca
Sun Sep 5 04:40:29 CEST 1999

Is there any way to prevent a list members e-mail address from appearing in
the headers of documents that are archived? 

My list members are very spam consious and with the recent addition of a
search engine their addresses are appearing in the some of the search

Along the same lines, I have private archives indexed and searchable (thanks
for the tip Igor) so have a couple of other questions:

How can I put a link to the search page on all the archive pages?

When the users selects a private archive url from the search results they
are presented with the Mailman authentication page. Fine so far, but after
they authenticate they are taken to the main list page, not the article
requested. Any way to take them there directly after they authenticate?

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