[Mailman-Users] Question about moving lists from one machine to another

Bill Bradford mrbill at frenzy.com
Tue Sep 7 02:19:06 CEST 1999

Anybody know of a quick and easy way to move four or five lists (complete
with archives, subscribe lists, etc) from one machine to another?  I'm
upgrading sunhelp.org to an UltraSPARC box, and would like to compile the
latest/greatest versions of everything instead of just tarballing it up
and moving it over.. however, in this case, the version of mailman isnt
changing.   I just need to move the lists.  Suggestions?


Bill Bradford * mrbill at sunhelp.org * http://www.sunhelp.org
>From a Sun Microsystems bug report (#4102680):
"Workaround: don't pound on the mouse like a wild monkey."

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