[Mailman-Users] Question about cgis

Glen Malley glen at interq.or.jp
Fri Sep 10 11:27:52 CEST 1999

Is there any documentation on the CGIs in the cgi-bin
directory in Mailman?

I'd like to have Mailman running on a different machine
than the html pages use to configure it (unfortunately
an NT box), but it seems like you must send each CGI
ALL of the information it requires all at once.

So for example, I made a little test page to change
the description of a mailing list using /admin/<listname>
as the ACTION of the FORM and it changed the description fine.
However, it deleted everything else from the configuration
of the list, because I hadn't specified arguments for those.

Is there a way to do one thing at a time on these CGIs?
Is there a way to find out exactly what each script looks for?
Am I going to have to open the source of those things and
recompile them? (why are they not in Python anyway?)

Anybody who has successfully separated the Web interface
from Mailman...I'd appreciate hearing from you. Documentation
on this sort of thing (and, well, any thing in MM) is sparse
to non-existent....

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