[Mailman-Users] two copies of mailman on one machine?

Jeff Berliner jeff at endeavor.med.nyu.edu
Mon Sep 13 23:48:09 CEST 1999

        Has anyone ever been able to get mailman running twice on the
same machine before?  We run mailman to manage our mailing lists, and
would also like to see about using mailman for a few other projects,
but those would require (some) modifications to the source, and we
don't want those to affect the bulk of our mailing lists.  Also, due to
security restrictions and whatnot, a second machine is not available.

        The initial mailman (v.1.0) installation is running with no
problem.  I did a 'make distclean', created a new user, re-ran
configure with new parameters, did a 'make install', configured Apache,
fixed up sendmail and everything seemed ok.  I was able to create my
test list, I was able to get to the subscription page, and here is
where I ran into trouble.  The "submit" button on that page always
attempts to run .../mailman/subscribe, and that's not the correct URL
for my second copy.  I've updated mm_cfg.py with the appropriate URLs,
made sure my Makefiles were correct, etc and still can't find where
Mailman gets that URL from.  

        Is there any easy way to make MM run twice?  Am I a moron for
trying? :)  Any help is appreciated...

                                                - Jeff

Jeff Berliner                                 jeff at popmail.med.nyu.edu
Academic Computing,                           Phone: (212) 263-2051
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