[Mailman-Users] subscribe via mail

Hal Flynn hflynn at gibralter.net
Wed Sep 15 15:43:35 CEST 1999

Mornin' from windy/rainy North Carolina!

I have two questions for you gentlemen:

1)    I'm trying to judge the impact of moving from majordomo to
mailman.  My main concern is this:

I have web GUI's running with CGI's here for some of the help, that aids
them in entering the addresses of customers for our information lists.
My goal here is to have as little impact on them as possible, as they're
not the most technically esteemed.  What I'd like to know in this
respect is the possibility of subscribing users via email.  Is this one
of the features of Mailman?  Or retrofit with the current system I have
in place, would I have to hack up the GUI that comes with mailman, or
dig into code?

2)  I noticed in the TODO list there's a need for people to contribute
to the documentation project.  I'm interested in this, although I am
waiting for some things to stabilize here (I'm moving next week).  My
question is who is the point of contact/coordinator of this project, and
if there isn't one, who can I get the information on what needs to be
done at this point?

Thanks for the great mailing list manager, guys.  2 days into it,
I LOVE it.


Hal Flynn
Senior Systems Administrator
Gibralter Data Services
hflynn at gibralter.net
910-455-6446 Ext 3034

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