[Mailman-Users] install/setup conundrum

berto at gsbrgo.uchicago.edu berto at gsbrgo.uchicago.edu
Fri Sep 17 17:54:54 CEST 1999


After thinking paranoid thoughts, I decided to reinstall Mailman following
the advice not to do the configure and make install steps as root.

Okay, I redid the installation as the mailman account.  I ran bin/check_perms,
and no problems were reported.

Then I read the following:

    - You want to be very sure that the user id under which your CGI
      scripts run is *not* in the `mailman' group you created above,
      otherwise private archives will be accessible to anyone.

In the cgi-bin dir, all programs were mailman-owned.  mailman is a member
of the mailman group, of course.

What to do?  Okay, I reinstalled, this time using the bin account.  Then when
I ran bin/check_perms, I got a boatload of complaints about this and that
not being mailman-owned.

So, do I

--reinstall as mailman, and just ignore the warning above

--reinstall as mailman, and remove the mailman account from the mailman
  group, so that the /etc/group line is


--keep the installation as bin, use bin/check_perms to fix the problems
  as root, then hope for the best

--throw caution to the wind, and restore the original root installation
  (bad move, most likely)

What would you gurus advise?


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