[Mailman-Users] CGI wrapper

John Hegarty jhegarty at snet.wit.ie
Fri Sep 17 19:05:19 CEST 1999

checking for CGI wrapper GID...
configure: error:
***** No existing group found for the cgi_wrapper program.
***** This is the group that your Web server runs CGI scripts under.
***** You might want to specify an existing group with the
***** --with-cgi-gid configure option.  Please see your Web server's
***** documentation, and the INSTALL file for details    

Really silly question i am sure... but what do I do ? I am running SuSE
Linux 6.0 with Apache 1.3. 

John Hegarty , WIT Computer Society
jhegarty at snet.wit.ie

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