[Mailman-Users] mailman still wedges on FreeBSD

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Fri Sep 17 21:34:27 CEST 1999

>>>>> "JW" == Justin Wells <jread at fever.semiotek.com> writes:

    JW> Sorry to be so persistent about this, but every 2nd day I've
    JW> had to unwedge mailman, and I still haven't go an answer from
    JW> this list.

    JW> platform: FreeBSD 3.2, Python 1.5.2, mailman 1.0

    JW> This sounds a lot like the locking problem described in
    JW> README.BSD, however my version of python is up to date.

Try upgrading to the current CVS snapshot of Mailman.  It uses a more
portable (and consistent) locking mechanism.


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