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Listwrangler listwrangler at iximd.com
Sun Sep 19 21:10:36 CEST 1999

>2)  I noticed in the TODO list there's a need for people to contribute
>to the documentation project.  I'm interested in this, although I am
>waiting for some things to stabilize here (I'm moving next week).  My
>question is who is the point of contact/coordinator of this project, and
>if there isn't one, who can I get the information on what needs to be
>done at this point?
>Thanks for the great mailing list manager, guys.  2 days into it,
>I LOVE it.
>Hal Flynn
>Senior Systems Administrator
>Gibralter Data Services
>hflynn at gibralter.net
>910-455-6446 Ext 3034

I've volunteered on this project too but I can't figure out who's in charge
either. At least one other person has taken a stab at documentation. Could
somebody please tell us who is in charge of documentation?  Barry, I think
it was, did respond saying that it would be nice to have help on

Documentation would help resolve some of my problems with Mailman.

Gary Bowen

listwrangler at iximd.com

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