[Mailman-Users] Users to change their address themselves

Listwrangler listwrangler at iximd.com
Sun Sep 19 21:17:00 CEST 1999

>I maintain a Mailman mailing list where people sometimes change
>addresses.. Would it be a good idea to include Mailman change
>address possibility to users itself where users would be able
>to change their own address him/herself on www-page
>user__at__host.somewhere ? It would reduce admin work.
>Regards, Ilpo Kantonen

This would be real handy. However, it would need to require the confirm
option so that the new address verifies it really wishes to be subscribed.
Otherwise, you could subscribe yourself, then just change your addy to
whatever person you want to get the junk mail.

However, this is no worse than how things are already. Mailman can already
be used to subscribe an unwilling user. Just type in that user's email
address, set the password, and let it go. If the address looks plausible,
the list administrator will approve it.  Eg, I'll subscribe
joeuser at yahoo.com but I won't subscribe president at whitehouse.gov .

If you have set Mailman to send a subscription announcement, then the
unwilling subscriber gets a message that tells them they've been subscribed
and what to do if they want to be unsubscribed, which tends to discourage
pranks. However, a high volume list could clog somebody's email box if they
don't log on and don't get the 'you have subscribed' email for a couple of

Screening out mischief is an ongoing task.


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