[Mailman-Users] Re: [Mailman-Users]group or all ?

Leonardo Boselli leo at dicea.unifi.it
Mon Sep 20 16:00:38 CEST 1999

On 20 Sep 99, at 13:59, Aaron Optimizer Digulla wrote:

> What is the difference between "Must posts be approved by an
> administrator?" and "Restrict posting privilege to list members?" ?
> Does the former mean "Must *all* posts be approved..." ? If so, please
> change it and add a help-link to it :-)
yes, in the last case members can post directly, while the others 
must be approved by an administrator, in the first one all post must 
be approved.
Anyway i repeat the question i posed a few days ago, still 

there is a way to add a serial number to posts in a list ?
Leonardo Boselli (NIT)
Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile
Universita` di Firenze
Via Santa Marta 3
I-50139 Firenze

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