[Mailman-Users] is there a way to have the list password emailed to yourself?

blurr at txraves.org blurr at txraves.org
Wed Sep 22 21:09:36 CEST 1999

sending reminders out to list memebers -manually- would be nice too... :)

jordan phillips
blurr at txraves.org

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> Is there a way to have the administrator password mailed to yourself?
> Since the ISP was hit by the hurricane I haven't been able to get on -- it
> says 'sorry, wrong password' and the ISP isn't taking care of the problem
> for me. If there was an option for the list administrator to mail their
> password to themselves if they forgot it -- or had problems -- they could
> get it again.
> Sending monthly password reminders to the list administrators is not a bad
> idea, either. Especially if you hand off a list to a moderator and they
> change the password and forget to tell you.
> Gary
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