[Mailman-Users] disable unsub from a list?

Dave Robbins dave at geol.ucsb.edu
Sun Apr 2 02:15:19 CEST 2000

On Sat, 1 Apr 2000 15:05:10 +0200,
Ralf Hildebrandt <R.Hildebrandt at tu-bs.de> wrote:

> I think in such a case you can count on the sanity of the users, can you?
> A solution would be to restrict/disallow posting to the list management
> address (list-request) from within sendmail (access.db)
> Also put some access restrictions on the web pages of the Mailman
> Webinterface.

Hi Ralf,

I could be wrong but I think those solutions would all require hostnames 
not individual user addresses?  In any case, I did figure out a solution
by simply editing ~mailman/lists/<mylist>/options.html and
removing the "Unsubscribe" button.

   /bin/diff options.html options.html.orig
   < Department Staff must remain on the staff mailing list.
   > To unsubscribe, enter your password and hit the button.  (If you've
   > lost your password, see just below to have it emailed to you.)
   < &nbsp;
   > Password: <MM-Unsub-Pw-Box> &nbsp;
   > <MM-Unsubscribe-Button>

Thanks for your help.

Dave Robbins

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