[Mailman-Users] help with mailman?

Ron Echeverri rone at macromedia.com
Mon Apr 3 00:44:53 CEST 2000

Gregory Leblanc wrote:
  Mar 27 10:58:18 2000 TrySMTPDelivery: To gleblanc at cu-portland.edu:
  Mar 27 10:58:18 2000 TrySMTPDelivery: socket.error / (110, 'Connection timed out') (deferred)
  Mar 27 10:58:18 2000 TrySMTPDelivery: Maybe your MTA daemon needs restarting?
  Sendmail doesn't say that anything is wrong, and I can send mail from
  ordinary users.  No, my MTA daemon doesn't need restarting, I tried that
  already.  I've run out of things to look at.

This happened to me, although my problem was "Connection refused"
rather than a timeout.  We tuned sendmail.cf by increasing
MaxDaemonChildren and ConnectionRateThrottle like so:

    # maximum number of children we allow at one time
    O MaxDaemonChildren=20

    # maximum number of new connections per second
    O ConnectionRateThrottle=10
I'm guessing that if your connection times out, your server might be
too loaded.

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