[Mailman-Users] Setting up MHonArc as Archiver on linux

Guillermo Peris Ripolles peris at inf.uji.es
Wed Apr 5 12:45:06 CEST 2000

>> Hi all,
>> I am new to the list, and after checking the last few months of
>> question, i have reached the conclusion that i need to use MHonArc as my
>> archiver (because it handles MIME intelligently).
>> I saw a message from Christopher P. Lindsey describing a setting in the
>> mm_cfg.py file:
>> '(/afs/ncsa/packages/mhonarc/SunOS_5.4/bin/mhonarc -add -nolock -afs -umask 
> 023 -rcfile rc.%(listname)s -outdir 
> /afs/ncsa/web/internal/htdocs/lists/%(listname)s)'
>> So i tried something for my linux system
>> PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = '(/usr/bin/mhonarc -add -nolock -umask 023 -outdir 
>> /home/mailman/lists/%(listname)s)'
>> This did nothing. ie. the mail was properly delivered, but not archived in
>> html.
>> Has anyone succeeded in doing this?
>> Thanks,
> > 
> > Steve
> > 

I have EXACTLY the same problem. I have found no solution in the

> You also need to have "public archives" set in the Archival Options
> screen; did you do that?

Sure I did.

> If that looks correct, replace "mhonarc" with a script that logs
> its execution and calls mhonarc, so you can see if Mailman is
> ever calling you.

Well, that's the only thing I have not tried. Anyway, I still wait
for an explanation/solution of my (our) problem. 

Thank you,	Guillermo

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