[Mailman-Users] embedded images broken in html mail

Mark Roedel roedelm at letu.edu
Thu Apr 6 21:27:51 CEST 2000

Had a user on one of our internal lists (where I theoretically don't mind
attachments, HTML-mail, etc.) attempt to send a message from Outlook with a
couple of inline images embedded in the message.

All the pieces of the message came through OK...the images are attached
nicely and all that.  However, they fail to appear in-line in the message
itself.  (They just show up as "broken image" icons.)

In viewing the source behind the message, I saw that the images are referred
to with a URL like "cid:332532400 at 0104200-0aae".  Am I correct in assuming
that some part of that encodes a message ID that gets changed when Mailman
resends the message?  Is there some workaround that will allow Mailman to
distribute messages like this with the pointers to the images intact?

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