[Mailman-Users] Portuguese Interface

Leonardo Lazarte llazarte at maloca.oca.org.br
Sun Apr 9 19:33:40 CEST 2000

Thanks to Juan Carlos Rey Anaya and Alexandre Denes dos Santos for
their replies to my question on translation.


   To begin with, there seem to be several people translating Mailman
   to Portuguese in Brazil. (People at Connectiva, at PUCPR, and at
   UnB, at least!)


   I read the few archived messages in the list on internationalization,
   and could not find what I was looking for: some sort of path to where
   are things to be translated.

   I was more lucky with the list on development, where I found some
   messages on putting things to be edited (HTML) in a set of separated
   files [Suggestion, not implemented].

   Perhaps that has already been suggested, but, may I suggest that
   *ALL* language-specific things, such as:
   - HTML interfaces
   - HTML messages
   - Mail messages
   - Error messages
   are put in a set of files, so that translations could be easier,
   safer, and could be used for new versions?


   Juan Carlos mentioned a `plain text file with all messages that
   mailman has inside source code`. Which is this file? I found
   English text scattered all over the files.

   Is there any DOCs as to what the Internalization project consists

   Would it be too difficult to make the program read a set of
   variables from these files?


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