[Mailman-Users] Newbie question...

mjn mjn at tc.umn.edu
Tue Apr 11 21:40:41 CEST 2000

Hey all-

I just subscribed to the list today and I have a general question about
Mailman that I hope you could advise me on.

I am currently working in a NT/Novell/Linux(small scale) environment and
we are looking to move our Mercury lists off of Novell and onto something
else.  I had suggested, and am researching, majordomo on RedHat and it
seems to be doing about what we would want from our list software.  Some
features are lacking (no web interface for archives for examlpe) but at
the same time the way in which it is thrown together makes it quite simple
to write scripts for common backside tasks (mass creation of lists, text
files to edit for quick fixes etc)...

Now, we are eventually going to be recreating ~225 listservs and exploders
and resubscribing all of our users...I just ran across Mailman today and I
am wondering how much trouble it is going to be to create these lists and
then subscribe all of our users; I like the idea of passwords for
individuals but how much trouble will it cause initially?  With majordomo
I had written a perl script to do most of the dirty work and import the
old user files, not to mention another one which would convert the mercury
archives...Also how beefy is the application; ie will it be able to handle
the traffic generated by 200+ lists without terrible problems?

Any advise/wisdom you can provide would be appretiated...

Mike Neuharth
ADCS Technology Specialist

E-Mail		: mjn at tc.umn.edu
Page Mail	: 6123065932 at messaging.sprintpcs.com

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