[Mailman-Users] Newbie question...

mjn mjn at tc.umn.edu
Wed Apr 12 15:44:40 CEST 2000

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, J C Lawrence wrote:

> The largest list I've tried under Mailman had 140,000+ members.  It
> worked.  As for number of lists, that shouldn't be a problem in the
> slightest.

That is terrific.  I think out largest list is ~2500 members so it looks
like it can handle the load with ease

> > Any advise/wisdom you can provide would be appretiated...
> If your expected traffic levels are going to be high, you are going
> to need to spend time and expertise on the choice and configuration
> of your MTA, your other local mailhosts (if you do smarthosting),
> and on some of the lower level MailMan configs relating to how the
> mail gets to an MTA.  There's nothing terribly complex in there, and
> its all been discussed here on the list (see the archives).  

We are using sendmail 8.9.x and it works just dandy for us.

My concern lies mostly with initial list configuration and the types of
list we would want to create.  

Majordomo initial config of any one list is just about as nightmarish as
you can imagine.  Is mailman any more accessible for the lay-man (ie my
boss who has very little unix experience)?  To make allowances for his
jitters and inexperience I managed so scripting on the backside of
Majordomo that just about made the process foolproof but there was still
some margin for error.

The other thing that was the types of lists we wanted.  One was an open
discussion list with the possibility for multiple moderators; which, from
what I have read, seems more than possible.  The other was a silently(ie
edit a text file) subscribed exploder list where memebers receive email
and cannot post to the list and any mail sent to the list that is not done
by a moderator is sent to the moderators; it'd also be nice if the 'who'
access was un available to anyone except moderators.  Is this type of
thing possible?  What happens to the user password portion of mailman in a
case like this?

Also, is there a central address, mailman at hostname for example, that
people can send requests too or is everything done with listname-request
addresses?  We planning on using Novell's Groupwise MTA as our hub so we
will be creating an object in NDS, not quite really, for each list so that
mail sent to the address will get forwarded out to the linux box, and if
the number of those addresses were cut in half, it would be very nice...I
am assuming this is the case but all of the mailman hosted lists I have
subscribed to, 2 of them, have used listname-request for subscribtion...

> Before you roll, you might also want to hang out briefly and await
> the Mailman 2.0 release and the first patches.  It is a significant
> improvement over the current release and is due RSN.

Thanks again for the response...

I loook forward to 2.0...everything I have seen thus far has rocked over
majordomo 1.94.5...

Mike Neuharth
ADCS Technology Specialist

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