[Mailman-Users] Using old Mailadress

Leif Kuse kuse at transpatent.com
Fri Apr 14 07:17:12 CEST 2000


my Servername was "serv.freedom-for-links.de" before.
Now the anme has changed, but unfortunately mailman still thinks, that
the  address mailman-owner at serv.freedom-for-links.de ist still valid.

Creating a new list, sendmail gives the following error.

Apr 13 23:10:08 www sendmail[1593]: XAA12931: to=<kuse at comlounge.net>,
delay=00:09:44, xdelay=00:00:54, mailer=esmtp, relay=mail.comlounge.net.
[], stat=Deferred: 450
<mailman-owner at serv.freedom-for-links.de>: Sender address rejected:
Domain not found

I have deleted the whole binary tree and recompiled the complete mailman
wthout success.

Where do I have to search for? There is no section in "mm_cfg.py"
containing this name!


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