[Mailman-Users] Problems getting cookies working

mabus mabus at eleutheros.nebulanet.net
Fri Apr 14 03:37:06 CEST 2000

I can't seem to get cookies working right. i keep getting the annoying "Error Decoding Authorization Cookie" thing. 
I look at my netscape cookies file and see this

eleutheros.nebulanet.net:8080   FALSE   /cgi-bin/mailman/       FALSE   955686640       keytrak:admin   "(lp1\012S''\012p2\012aI955675839\012aI955686639\012aI-2111832395\012a."
.google.com     TRUE    /       FALSE   2147372012      PREF    ID=6e2f5bb92e89a365,TM=955670995

If i look at my apache clickstream log file i see POST /mailman/admin/keytrak HTTP/1.0 [13/Apr/2000:20:01:30 -0500] POST /mailman/admin/keytrak HTTP/1.0 [13/Apr/2000:20:30:40 -0500] POST /mailman/admin/keytrak HTTP/1.0 [13/Apr/2000:20:30:49 -0500]

It looks to me like the two aren't the same. This would mean an apache problem i'm guessing.
Anyone have any ideas?

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