[Mailman-Users] Install trouble

Amber R. Wolfe amber at stargate.net
Mon Apr 17 20:57:17 CEST 2000

> Johnpaul Rogerson wrote:
> Hi i just tried to install mailman but got this error
> checking permissions on /home/mailman... configure: error:
> ***** Installation directory /home/mailman is not configured properly!
> ***** Set-gid bit must be set for directory: /home/mailman
> How do i set th Set-gid
> I am using redhat 6 python 1.5.2
> and new at this.
> Help please

In the version that I have, the instructions are located in the INSTALL


      Make sure this directory is set to group `mailman' and has the
      setgid bit set.  You probably also want to guarantee that this
      directory is read and executeable by everyone. For example,
      these shell commands will accomplish this:

          % cd $prefix
          % chgrp mailman .
          % chmod a+rx,g+ws .

      You are now ready to configure and install the Mailman software.


I am running Version 1.1, but I would think that it would be the same in
most, if not, all of them.

Hope this hopes.

> JP

amber at stargate.net

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