[Mailman-Users] mail-to-news & news-to-mail problems

britt bolen at hcs.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 18 01:58:28 CEST 2000

I'm running a mailman 2.0b2 setup on a Digital Unix machine.  We're seeing
problems with getting duplicate emails on the list.  The list is gated
both ways from a news group hosted on a seperate Digial Unix system.

It seems that when a user mails the list, that message is gated to the
newsgroup.  Then when cron kicks in, it picks up that post, and mails it
back to the list.   The cycle ends here, our newsgroup is only showing one
copy of each post.

my mta is sendmail 8.9.3, my news server is InterNetNews NNRP server INN
1.7 16-Oct-1997  (hrm, i wonder if INN is the issue...)

the only error I'm seeing is in the "error" file i get one error identical
to this for each message.

Apr 17 19:45:25 2000 (21507) (ToUsenet) NNTP error for list "hcs-discuss":
441 435 Duplicate

I also seem a similar 435 Duplicate error in the news syslogs.

nothing else appears out of the ordinary

any ideas?

thanks a ton,

Unix geek, Harvard Computer Society

Britt Bolen               britt at bolen.com               britt.bolen.com 

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