[Mailman-Users] not work! -- WHERE ARE THE DEVELOPERS????

TM tm at chello.at
Tue Apr 18 21:18:35 CEST 2000

>I installed Mailman 1.1 on a Red Hat 5.2 Linux System (kernel
>2.2.14, postfix-19991231-pl04, python 1.5.1). Everything worked
>All work a long time, nearly 5 month, and of late appear next problem:
>when i try now to post a message to this list (moderated), or
>post message users from my listserv i get the authorization mail. After
>klicking approve and submit on the web page, nothing happens.
>No mail, no new page and appear screen password again.
>And if i try change options from 'mailing list configuration' on the web page,
>when also appear screen password again.
>What happened?
>Any ideas?
>My listserver don't work six days! Help please.

I posted the same problem about 2 weeks ago, Alex Yu a few days ago.


Thnxs - Tom

Alex Yu wrote:
>>there is a message no matter what i tried (approve/reject/discard), it is
>>still on the database.  how could i solve it?

>TM wrote:
>I have the same problem. It seems to be in relationship to the 
>amount of subscribers. The db script needs a very long time to 
>transfer the mails to sendmail (or sendmail needs a long time to put 
>the message in its queue). In the meantime you will get a timeout 
>from the browser. So the script is aborted and the message remains 
>in the db.
>I tried to post a message from an allowed email adress to this 
>moderated list, and it works (the script needed about 10 minutes to 
>do the transfer to sendmail).
>This is my old mail, postet a few weeks ago:
>--- snipp ---
>Following problem:
>We installed Mailman 2.0beta1 on a Suse 6.3 Linux System (kernel 
>2.2.14, sendmail 8.9.3, python 1.5.2, smp machine). Everything 
>worked fine (except the archive, but this has time ;)
>After adding about 700 users to one of the lists, the users got the 
>welcome messages. A few mails are still in sendmail queue because of 
>delivery problems.
>When i try now to post a message to this list (moderated), i get the 
>authorization mail. After klicking approve and submit on the web 
>page, nothing happens. No mail, no new page.
>ps axw:
>579 ?	S	0:01 /usr/bin/python -S 
>580 ?	Z	0:00 [python <defunct>]
>On another mailing list with only a few users (same server), 
>everything works fine.
>Any ideas?
>--- snap ---
>Thanks 4 help - Tom

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